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Massage - hot stones

Hamburg AlstertalMassage

Why should you book a massage?

Massages are simply good for you - they relax the muscles, promote the flow of energy and stimulate blood circulation. Everyday stress disappears and you get a harmonious body feeling. Whether it's a soothing wellness massage, a powerful sports massage or an individually tailored massage for back problems, you will find your favourite treatment in Meridian Face & Body Day Spa. You can book your favourite treatment online, by phone or directly in Meridian Spa & Fitness and we also offer massage vouchers.
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Our massages

Face and head massage
This all-rounder in terms of increasing well-being, this massage lets everyday stress fly away and relieves tension, giving you a relaxed and youthful look.
Selected body massage
This classic massage for the back and legs relieves muscular tension and promotes blood circulation.
Full body massage
This intensive full body massage promotes muscle relaxation and give you a relaxed feeling of wellbeing. You can determine your personal priorities with the masseur.
Sports massage
This vigorous deep massage is used for fast and sustainable muscle recuperation.
"Boxing Champion" massage
Gain new strength with this body massage for arms, stressed shoulders and a tense back. The invigorating mint oil also promotes blood circulation.
"Better Drive"-Massage
This partial body massage loosens the tense muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. St. John's wort oil also has a calming effect on stressed joints.
Each of our organs is assigned a specific zone on the foot. Through pressure movements, disharmonies in the body are reduced and balance is restored.
"Office" massage
Daily office work on the computer often overloads the shoulder and neck area and the "mouse arm". Targeted massage in these areas in combination with invigorating mint oil promote muscle relaxation and increases blood circulation.
Relaxing massage with coconut oil
Individual massage strokes for muscle relaxation and the wonderfully fragrant coconut oil increase your well-being and simply do you good. Your skin also receives wonderful care. Feel free to coordinate your personal priorities with the therapist.
Relaxing massage with lavender oil
The scent of lavender has a calming and relaxing effect. This massage works against muscular tension. Feel free to coordinate your personal priorities with the masseur.
Massage for expectant mothers
Equally beneficial for mother and the unborn child this massage can help ease water retention, back, joint and leg pain caused by pregnancy. *Please check with your gynecologist in advance to see whether a massage is appropriate for you. Normally, massages are only possible from the 14th week of pregnancy.
Hot Stone Massage
Warm lava stones and finely scented aromatic oil combined with classic massage techniques give you a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. The body's own resources are replenished and you get new momentum: there is a holistic massage for everyone who wants to recharge their batteries.
Lomi Lomi Massage
The Hawaiian royal massage relieves deep tension on a physical and mental level. Your body is massaged with orange blossom oil in flowing movements. The Lomi Lomi massage stimulates the flow of energy, promotes self-healing powers and leave your body feeling revitalised.
Meridian Recovery Massage
This treatment combines various massage techniques to reduce stress and ensures inner balance. Thanks to the special combination of classic massage, acupressure and foot reflex zone treatment, it has a holistic, relaxing effect and activates the body's ability to regenerate. An intensive head massage with pure coconut oil lets the last stress of everyday life fly away.
Amayãna Massage
This full body massage was developed exclusively for Meridian Spa & Fitness based on years of practical experience and the in-depth knowledge of our experts. It effectively combines the elements of Ayurveda, acupressure and Meridian massage. The AMAYÃNA massage has a holistic, relaxing effect, strengthens the immune system and balances the energy centers. Your body will regain its balance. The exclusive AMAYÃNA oil has the aroma of fruits.
Breuss spinal massage
This therapeutic treatment involves gently massaging and carefully stretching along the spine. The valuable active ingredients of St. John's wort oil soothe the intervertebral discs and promote their relaxation to ease complaints in the spine and sacrum.

Facial and cosmetic treatments

It is well known that nobody can turn back time, but with effective treatments and the right care we can restore your skin's youthful luminosity. Experience effective beauty treatments with products from Sothys Paris or Pharmos Natur.

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Ayurveda Massage

The Indian "Science of Life" contains traditional treatments that help the body help itself. Various massage techniques activate the flow of energy and lead to inner balance. Ideal for stressed-out souls.

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The benefits of massage

  • Enjoy time to yourself
  • Loosened muscles
  • Activated energy flow
  • Improved tissue blood flow
  • Relieve tension
  • Free your mind
  • Ease aches and pains

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