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Whether you are a member or a day guest - here you will find all the important information about your stay at the David Lloyd Meridian. If you still have any questions, please contact a member of staff at the Club or our Service Centre on 040/65 89-0.



Opening Hours

These can be found under opening hours of our website.


Ample parking is available at each David Lloyd Meridian facility so your visit can begin stress-free. Parking is free for members for several hours.


During your stay at the David Lloyd Meridian, you can go cashless. Have everything booked on your membership wristband or key number/chip and pay at check-out. Please always wear your wristband or key/chip bracelet clearly visible on your wrist. You can pay cash or with EC / credit card.

Age restriction

Young people aged 12 and over can use the pool and sauna area at regular daily rates at any time when accompanied by an adult. Bookings for Face & Body treatments are possible from the age of 14. The fitness area can also be used from the age of 14. However, special instruction is required here.\ Please contact our team at any time to enquire about junior membership.

Use of electronic devices

Please note that, with a few exceptions, phone calls and photo shoots are not permitted anywhere in the building. We ask that you do not use your mobile devices at all in the pool, wet and sauna areas. In the rest areas, please use the devices in such a way that other guests do not feel disturbed by them. Please take particular care not to give the impression that you are taking photographs or filming. Therefore, keep your electronic devices flat or otherwise cover the camera. In the fitness area, things are a bit more lively and you therefore only need to refrain from making phone calls here so that other members are not disturbed. You are welcome to photograph or film yourself exercising as long as other people are not inadvertently involved or affected. There are no restrictions on use in the reception area. However, please behave considerately.

Is there a restaurant?

Depending on the club, different gastronomic facilities are available to you. Let us spoil you at our Fitbars or in the pool restaurants.

Do I have to bring my own drinks?

You have the option of tapping your own drinks from our tap. Fees apply for this. In addition, drinks packages are included with certain memberships. But you don't have to worry about refreshments in between. Our various catering facilities provide you with a wide selection of drinks. Please note that drinks must only be brought in plastic bottles or in sports drink bottles (no glass bottles!).


Smoking is only permitted in the designated outdoor areas. Smoking is prohibited in all other areas.


Animals must unfortunately remain outside.

Member / Memberships

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in membership or a trial day, please contact a member of staff at reception or call the sales department:

What does membership cost?

Let's talk together about which tariff suits you best. And if not everything in your life can be planned, then we will find individual options there too - tailored to your needs.

Is there a discount on my membership?

Students and trainees receive a discount in selected clubs. We maintain company fitness cooperations with many companies. You can obtain the discounted rates from our sales staff on presentation of your employee ID card or an employer's certificate. To find out if your employer is already a CorporateFitness cooperation partner, it is best to ask your HR department.\ You are a human resources manager and interested in a FirmenFitness cooperation? You can find more information on our CorporateFitness page.

Friend promotion

Friends are not only worth their weight in gold as training partners, but also in your recommendation. For every member you refer, you benefit with four guest passes. With these day passes you can bring a friend of your choice for one day. Further information is available at the sales desk.

How often can I book a trainer appointment?

The muscle grows on its tasks. That's why you should definitely make the start appointment at the beginning of your membership. Here, your state of health (anamnesis) and your current training status will be determined. To ensure that your muscles do not get bored, your training plan should receive its first update after 4-6 weeks. Even later, our qualified trainers continuously adapt your personal training plan to your progress. This way, your body always receives new impulses on the way to your goal. As part of your membership, you can book a free trainer appointment every 2-3 months.

What is the David Lloyd Meridian user account?

With the David Lloyd Meridian user account, all the services you use are automatically debited, saving you time at check-out.

Is childcare available for members' children?

Yes, we offer childcare at almost all David Lloyd Meridian resorts except David Lloyd Meridian Am Michel.

Our Meridini childcare offers you the opportunity to create space for yourself. Here, your children will feel really comfortable while you pursue your activity and relaxation programme - 363 days a year! To visit the Meridini, you need to book in advance via our app. Children under one year of age can be placed in the caring hands of our childminders for up to 2 hours from Monday to Friday at all David Lloyd Meridian facilities (with the exception of Wandsbek). Please contact our carers directly for this.

The Meridini opening times of your David Lloyd Meridian facility can be found at the reception of the respective club.

Please note that for your first visits with a child, we recommend a settling-in period for children up to the age of three to ease their start at Meridini.

Are there special class offerings for parents with children?

David Lloyd Meridian keeps you in shape during pregnancy and after birth! Many of our class formats are excellent for strengthening muscles strained during pregnancy, tightening connective tissue and effectively supporting postpartum recovery.

Would you like to work out and keep an eye on your baby at the same time? With our special "mother + child" class formats, you have the opportunity to combine both.

Class Booking

All courses can be booked via the David Lloyd Meridian App. Courses can be booked 9 days in advance from 8pm via the app or 8 days in advance at reception or via our Service Centre.

All paid courses must be paid for at the time of booking. Refunds will only be given if the course has been cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. (For classes with multiple sessions, cancellation must be made before the first session takes place).

Members can book classes from 8pm the night before at any David Lloyd Meridian Spa & Fitness Club, subject to availability.

Platinum Members can book classes up to 9 days in advance online, via the app or by phone or up to 8 days in advance at reception at any David Lloyd Meridian Spa & Fitness Club.

Booking privileges are based on the access restrictions of a Peak and Off-Peak membership.

Certain classes are restricted to some age groups. Junior members can only be booked into a class that is suitable for their age.

If you do not turn up for a booked class, you will receive a 'no show' (strike) notice.

Cancel a class that was/is fully booked at any time and you will receive a cancellation notification (strike) unless the place is re-booked by another member. Cancellation notifications do not apply to classes that are not fully booked. Three late cancellations of classes or no-shows (strikes) within a 30-day period will result in the loss of your booking privileges for 1 week (7 days). \ Guests of members may attend classes if there are places available at the start of the class. They cannot be booked into a class in advance. The guest must have a valid guest pass to gain access to the club.

Members can book a maximum of 3 courses per day.

Day guests

What does a day ticket cost?

Our day ticket prices depend on the location and time of the stay. As all services used during the stay are initially booked cashless via the key number, we must insist that day guests identify themselves with their identity card at reception each time they visit. Guests without German citizenship, please bring your passport.

What are the opening hours in the wellness area?

The wellness area is open until approx. 15 minutes before the end of the opening hours of the respective facility. \ For current opening hours please refer to the relevant location page for your David Lloyd Meridian facility.

Can I also use the fitness area with a Wellness Day Pass?

Use of the equipment and class area is reserved for our members. If you live outside the metropolitan area of the club you are visiting (presentation of ID card required), you can also purchase a fitness and wellness day pass. If you are interested in a membership or a trial day, please contact a member of staff at reception or in sales or contact us online. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

What do I need for my wellness stay at David Lloyd Meridian?

Please bring the following with you.

  • Bathing shoes
  • Towel
  • Bathrobe plus sauna towel or two large sauna towels
  • Swimwear
  • Wearing bathing shoes is compulsory!

Please use the facilities in the sauna area (incl. saunas, whirlpools, cold plunge pools and showers) without any clothing. In all other areas of the wellness area, please cover your private parts and wear swimwear (bikini/bathing trunks) in our large pools. You can find more information on this under Downloads.

You have forgotten something?

You can also borrow a bathrobe, towel and sauna towel at reception for a small fee. We offer bathing shoes for purchase.

May I take a bag with me into the wellness area?

Small but nice. That's the motto if you want to take a few utensils with you into the wellness area. Please leave your sports bag and other large bags in the changing room and only take toiletry bags or similar into the wellness area.

Can I leave my towels and bags on the loungers?

Please do not reserve any loungers. Occupied but unused loungers will be cleared away by our staff if necessary. But don't worry, your belongings will be safely stored in the designated storage areas in such a case.

Can I bring something to eat or drink?

For hygienic reasons, please refrain from eating food that you have brought with you. You are of course welcome to bring a bottle of water (1 litre PET) to quench your thirst. For further drinks or food, our Fit and Pool Bars, Coffee Lounges, snack machines or pool restaurants are at your disposal.

Is there childcare for children of day guests?

No, this is only available for children of our members.

Face & Body Day Spa

Who can book a treatment?

Bookings for treatments are completely independent of a membership or a day pass. You can also come exclusively for a beauty, massage or Ayurveda treatment. Please note the age restriction for this.

How to book a Beauty, Massage or Ayurveda Treatment

Choose your favourite treatment from our SPA Menus and book conveniently online at any time, via the David Lloyd Meridian app, by phone on 040/65 89-0 or contact reception in person on site.

Cancellation options

If you are unable to keep an appointment, you have the option of postponing or cancelling it free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of treatment. In the event of a cancellation or change at shorter notice, we will charge the full treatment price if the appointment cannot be given to someone else.

When should I be there before the treatment?

Please arrive at the David Lloyd Meridian 15 minutes before the start of your treatment and at least 5 minutes before your treatment in the Face & Body Day Spa area in order to be relaxed for your treatment.

If you arrive later, unfortunately your treatment time will be reduced. Guests who have booked a body treatment, massage, Ayurvedic treatment, recovery or Lomi Lomi massage are kindly requested to change in our changing rooms and arrive at the Face & Body Day Spa area in their dressing gown.

What do I need for the application?

For all treatments you do not need to bring anything special. If you wish to shower afterwards, please bring your own shower towel, bathrobe and slippers. Of course, you can also borrow a shower towel and bathrobe at reception for a small fee. Bathing shoes are available for purchase.

Can I also use the wellness area after the treatment?

Guests in the Face & Body Day Spa without a day ticket have after each massage until check-out 30 minutes to rest in the wellness area, shower and/or change clothes. After all Ayurveda treatments, the Recovery and the Lomi Lomi massage, it is 45 minutes.

If the time is exceeded, an hourly surcharge is automatically added up to a correspondingly valid wellness day ticket.

If you would like to use the wellness area as part of a day ticket, please bring a shower towel, bathrobe, your own bathing shoes and swimwear. You can also borrow a bathrobe and shower towel at reception for a small fee. We offer bathing shoes for purchase.

Do you offer vouchers?

Surprise friends and family with a gift that simply feels good. With our premium offers of wellness, spa treatments and fitness, there is sure to be something for everyone. You can obtain the vouchers at the reception in any of our David Lloyd Meridian facilities and in the E-Shop with delivery to your desired address or conveniently for printing out yourself - also as a last-minute gift idea.

Note: Vouchers are redeemable for 3 years from the date of issue. Vouchers are valid for an unlimited period. Cash payment or partial redemption of a voucher is not possible.

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