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Face & Body Day Spa
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Face & Body Day Spa
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Hamburg AlstertalFitness classes

A woman doing Tae Bo

Your program for more endurance

Our range of ​​"Exercise & Energy" classes will really make sweat! Optimise your endurance - without any complicated movements.

Tae Bo® is considered to be one of the most strenuous fitness sports that one can practice. This is not, as is often assumed, a martial arts technique, but a sweaty workout that combines elements from Asian martial arts and gymnastics into rousing beats.

Bodypump class

Find the right class for you in Hamburg Alstertal

Experience how strength training works best for you at the Meridian Spa in the Alstertal. Choose a varied workout from our "Energy & Strength” range of classes and get your body in shape.

BODYPUMP® is a barbell program from Les Mills that gets the body in shape and significantly improves strength endurance. Enthusiastic exercise sequences and rousing music accompany you through a class full of dynamism, power and fun. Suitable for everyone who wants to optimise their fitness training.

People doing yoga

Find strength in serenity

Is a calm, relaxed environment particularly important to you during strength training? In our “Strength & Tranquillity” classes, you can explore a range of workouts that focus on holistic and sustainable training.

Power Yoga is the dynamic form of Hatha Yoga with flowing transitions between the individual asanas (exercises). This class is available in various levels of difficulty with different requirements in terms of intensity and movements.

Zumba class

Switch off and enjoy in Hamburg Alstertal

Take a deep breath and let the everyday stress go. In our "Rest & Relaxation" classes you'll find workouts that are beneficial for body and soul - with conscious movements for a better body feeling.

Zumba combines elements from different dance styles to hot Latin American music. The rhythmic movements to salsa, merengue, calypso or flamenco are fun and get you going. All steps and turns are easy to learn for everyone and bring the mood in the fitness loft to a boil.

People dancing

More energy for your day

Our "Dance & Choreography" classes bring a touch of ease into everyday life and inspire you with energetic choreographies and plenty of movement.

In the dance class, basic steps and their variations from different styles such as jazz, hip-hop, house or Latin dance are combined into a routine. It's endurance and coordination training in a party atmosphere! This class is available in three different levels of difficulty with different requirements in terms of choreography and intensity. Let's dance!

IGN1TE class

New classes

Look forward to something completely new! David Lloyd Meridian is bringing his most successful course formats to us in Germany.

You can book your places for the new classes IGN1TE and SPIRIT via the timetable, the app or at our reception desks. Be excited and look forward to fantastic new course formats!

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Achieve your goals together!

The concentrated motivation and group dynamics support you to achieve your goals. Choose your favourite class from five different categories with varying levels of difficulty.

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