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More than just equipment training: your course with us in Wandsbek

Would you like to centre yourself and train your coordination with yoga, bring more stability to your core with Pilates, improve your endurance with group cycling or really let off steam with Zumba? There's sure to be something for you in our extensive course programme in Wandsbek! Whatever you choose, enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of our courses. Join in and let the energy of our trainers inspire you to peak performance.

Detailed nutritional advice tailored to your goals

Do you want to keep your body fit not only through equipment training, but also through your diet? Then we recommend a nutritional consultation at our location in Hamburg Wandsbek. Because healthy eating is delicious, good for you and doesn't always have to be complicated and time-consuming. We will be happy to show you how you can easily integrate healthy eating into your everyday life. During a personal nutritional consultation, we first get to know each other. This enables our nutrition coach to find out about you, your everyday life and your eating habits and then develop a nutrition plan that is optimised for you. We want to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle so that you feel fit - and of course so that your equipment training pays off quickly and visibly.

Gym in Wandsbek

As you can see, our gym is huge! We have equipped it with the very latest strength, conditioning and cardio equipment, while the free weights area has been expanded with state-of-the-art equipment. This will improve every one of your training sessions! We also have EGYM technology, which allows you to personalise your training and track your progress.

A woman training on an egym machine

Your companion for equipment training: personal training in Hamburg Wandsbek

In the first 4 weeks, you will receive 3 appointments (30 minutes each) with a licensed trainer. Our competent trainers will accompany you on the way to your personal goal and will always be at your side with advice, support and motivation at David Lloyd Meridian Wandsbek. Would you like more? Book an appointment with one of our personal trainers at any time.

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Functional Training

EGYM circuit training for more endurance and strength at the same time

With EGYM circuit training, you train with an electronically controlled, circular circuit of equipment. This recognises the progress of your training and adapts your training plan accordingly. The circuit training constantly provides you with new stimuli to train your endurance.

Find out more about eGym

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Varied free-weight training and functional training for more endurance, strength and mobility

For experienced athletes in particular, nothing beats varied free weight training. During a training session, dumbbells, barbells and multifunctional equipment are used. Thanks to the versatile range of use and the large range of movement, you can train a wide variety of muscle groups.

In addition to equipment training in Hamburg Wandsbek, our functional training is also available to you. This is a multidimensional training programme that works several joints and muscle groups simultaneously. Functional training combines endurance and strength training and improves your mobility.

Enjoy equipment training to get into top form

Flex your muscles: Our equipment area leaves nothing to be desired. From the very first consultation, we will accompany you on your way. Our experienced fitness trainers will create a training plan that suits you perfectly and explain how everything works. Because we have a lot to offer you:

  • Functional training zone with 4 x 4 m Queenax tower, sprint track, toboggan run, punching bag and Skillmill® treadmills.
  • Tractor tyres, Battle Ropes, Kettle Bells, Slam Balls, Plyo Boxing and much more.
  • 270 first-class strength and endurance machines
  • 2 x EGYM circuit training
  • Five-Concept, Theragun® & BLACKROLL® Fascia &
  • Flexibility Training
  • Human Sports® (cable training)
  • over 130 classes per week in 7 lofts
  • Tanita body analysis
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