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Fitness class

Hamburg WandsbekExercise classes

Signature Classes

Discover IGN1TE, BLAZE, SPIRIT, CYCLONE & RHYTHM, our exclusive class formats in high-tech lofts. Push yourself to your personal limit in these classes, whether you're a beginner or a pro! Your personal workload is carefully assessed during these classes to consciously target your goals.

Strength and endurance training

With our classes in the area of "strength and endurance training" we will make you sweat! Train your endurance optimally - without any complicated movements. Choose from an extensive selection of BodyPump, Box Workouts, Belly-Leg-Po, Functional Training and much more.

Functional training

Energy & strength

Train your whole body efficiently in a short time and get your body in shape with our varied full-body workouts. Our Signature Classes, Gym Workout and Pilates are particularly suitable for this.

In our functional area you can experience a multidimensional workout using your own body weight. Let off steam using the "Queenax Cross 4+" tower, with the sledge.

Strength class

Dance Classes

Our dance classes bring a touch of lightness into everyday life and inspire you with appealing choreographies and guaranteed lots of movement and fun. Swing your hips in ZUMBA®, work your whole body in a ballet workout or move to the rhythm in a motivating group in our step classes.

Relaxtion class

Flexibility & Relaxation

Take a deep breath and let go of everyday stress: In our "Rest & Relaxation" area you will find soothing classes for body and soul - with conscious movements for a better body feeling. You choose whether you prefer to completely let go and relax with e.g. meditation or Yin Yoga or train your strength and flexibility in a calm way with e.g. Power Yoga or Mobility & Stretch.

Dance class

Aqua Fitness

Exercise in a way that is particularly easy on your joints and somewhat freed from gravity with our classes in the pool. Try our Aqua Workout or Aqua Cardio classes, which will improve your metabolism as well as tone your tissues and stimulate circulation through water resistance.

Are you ready to get started with us?

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Work out together

Classes are popular because of their group dynamics and the high degree of fun which helps keep you motivated.

At David Lloyd Meridian Wandsbek we are very proud of our wide range of classes. Everyone will find something here: from beginners to experts, of all ages and abilities. We have divided our program into five categories which you can find out more about below.

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