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Hamburg Am MichelFitness classes

A woman exerciseing in the pool

Movement and energy

Do you want to really work out but don't like complicated movements? Our "Movement & Energy" classes offer optimal endurance training.

Aqua Cardio is an effective strength and endurance class with arm and leg techniques from boxing and kickboxing, which promotes coordination and is gentle on the joints.

Legs exercise class

Energy & strength

Would you like to strengthen your body and get it in shape? Our “Energy & Strength” classes offer a varied strength training program, whether they take place in the pool, in the studio or in the equipment area.

Legs, bums and tums is a classic! This class is all about strength and endurance training with a focus on the stomach, legs and buttocks. The aim is to strengthen the muscles and get them into shape. Additional devices are sometimes used.

Members doing a plank in a class

Strength & tranquility

Do you prefer strength training in a quiet atmosphere? Then our "Strength & Tranquillity" classes are ideal for you. Whether classic back courses or special hour formats, the body is always trained holistically and effectively.

This well-balanced training of the core muscles is the ideal counterbalance to everyday working life and for one-sided loads. Special exercises for mobilization, strengthening, coordination and body awareness improve posture and mobility. Additional devices are sometimes used.

A relaxation class

Rest & relaxation

Would you like to leave the stress of everyday life behind you? In our "Rest & Relaxation" classes, the tension in body and mind is released through calm movements and slow exercises.

Develop awareness of movement! Direct, refine, expand movements and improve body awareness. In this class, movement patterns are learned anew, again or differently - this promotes harmony between body and mind.

A strength class

Dance & choreography

Do you love dance, choreography and movement? Choose from between classic step and aerobics courses, different dance styles and classic dance classes.

A classic full body workout with a focus on strength and endurance. The stomach, legs, buttocks as well as the back, arms and shoulders are trained. The aim is to strengthen the muscles and get them into shape. Additional devices are sometimes used.

IGN1TE class

New classes

Look forward to something completely new! David Lloyd Meridian is bringing his most successful course formats to us in Germany.

You can book your places for the new classes IGN1TE and SPIRIT via the timetable, the app or at our reception desks. Be excited and look forward to fantastic new course formats!

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Achieve common goals in a group

Motivating and fun - you're guaranteed to enjoy our dynamic group classes, which you can tailor to your individual interests and fitness level. Discover our extensive range of classes and become part of the community.

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