All info about the reopening

After official orders, our Meridian facilities are finally allowed to open for you again.
However, the reopening is accompanied by a new normality, which requires training with more distance and an even greater focus on hygiene.
What exactly this means for your visit to Meridian is explained here.

  • 1. An overview of the reopening of individual locations

    Hamburg: The fitness areas of all five facilities open on Thursday, 28th May 2020. The Face & Body Day Spa is already open in Eppendorf and Alstertal. Wandsbek, Barmbek and am Michel will follow on Tuesday, 2nd June 2020. Solariums can be used in all facilities. All other areas will remain closed. 

    Frankfurt: The Face & Body Day Spa and the fitness area are open. All other areas will remain closed until further notice.

    Kiel: The fitness area and the Face & Body Day Spa have been open since Monday, 18th May 2020. Solariums can be used. All other areas will remain closed until further notice.

    Berlin: The fitness area will reopen on 3rd June 2020. The Face & Body Day Spa is already open. Solariums can be used. All other areas will remain closed for the time being.

    In all Face & Body Day Spas we will offer cosmetic treatments again from 8th June 2020. Bookings are possible from the beginning of June.

  • 2. Your health is important to us

    Even if you are really keen on training in the Meridian again and would like to get started, please only visit us if you feel healthy. Please stay at home if you have cold symptoms, as we will have to deny you access to the facility in this case. Members who belong to a risk group are advised to consult their doctor before starting training.

  • 3. What do you have to consider before your visit?

    For the time being, the new normality also includes the fact that only a certain number of members may be in the facility at the same time. You know from experience that we have always scored points in the Meridian with spacious rooms – but now everything needs a little more space and distance. You can check the current number of free capacities available at each reopened Meridian on the homepage of our website and in our app under MyMeridian. So you have everything in view and a planning security for your sport.

    From now on, prior registration is required for all courses. Please note the details under point 5.

    Unfortunately, in Hamburg, Kiel and Frankfurt we are not allowed to use the changing rooms and showers and therefore these areas will be closed for the time being. We must therefore ask you to come to us in sportswear; unfortunately, changing in the facilities is not permitted for the time being. However, it is possible to use the lockers for your bag and shoes. Check-in will only be possible in sportswear. 

    In Berlin the changing rooms may be used for changing clothes, but here too a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other people must be maintained. To support this distance in the changing rooms, only a reduced number of lockers is available. The showers may not be used.

  • 4. Distance, Mouth & Nose Protection, Hygiene

    When entering the facility and checking in, please ensure that you keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people at all times. Please enter the Meridian only with mouth-nose-protection and do not put it off in the equipment area or in the course until immediately before your training starts.

    Whenever you cannot keep the distance of 1.5 metres, please put on the mouth and nose protector. This applies when checking in and out at the reception but also when talking to our trainers. Due to official regulations, a minimum distance of 2.5 metres must be maintained at all times on the equipment area and in the lofts in Hamburg and a distance of 3 metres in Berlin.  When using the Face & Body Day Spa, the therapist wears a mouth-nose protector and you are also requested to wear it during the treatment.

    We have always attached great importance to hygiene and disinfection. For this purpose, there are sufficient surface disinfection bottles available in all areas of the facility. Please disinfect your hands after check-in and please remember to wash your hands regularly, not only before but also after training. All frequently used contact points such as door handles are cleaned regularly by our housekeeper and our staff.

    Of course, the regulations on sneezing etiquette still apply and please refrain from greeting by handshake and the like.

    Our employees have been intensively trained with regard to our safety and hygiene concept and are required to check that the rules are observed. Please support us in ensuring that a safe stay in the Meridian is possible for all members and also for our staff. Only if we all follow these rules very strictly will we be able to further contain the spread of the virus and can then expect further relaxation for all areas of life and especially for fitness and wellness facilities. Violation of these rules can lead to expulsion from the facility.

    As soon as there will be changes to rules, we will update this content regularly.

  • 5. Worth knowing

    For the fitness area

    We have very large fitness areas in the meridian, but it is necessary to create further distance. In addition to the required distance of 1.5 meters, each exerciser should have at least 10 square meters of space available at all times. Therefore, we have blocked some of the equipment and attached a sign to certain equipment groups indicating how many pieces of equipment from this group may be used simultaneously. Even during free training, please make sure at all times that the number of persons for the marked area as indicated on the signs is not exceeded and that you yourself always keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

    For your own safety, please disinfect all equipment, including small devices such as dumbbells and mats, before and after use. To ensure that as little as possible of the equipment surface comes into contact with the body, please use a sufficiently large towel for the equipment. For your personal needs to wipe off sweat, please take a second towel with you to the training.

    For all eGym users: Until now, the compass did not allow you to disinfect after each device. We have switched off the continuous operation of the circle, so that you can start each device individually and do not have to keep a time limit. You activate each device as usual with your chip.

    For the course area

    For better planning, all courses will be subject to registration in the future. Please use the course schedule in our Meridian-App. The reservation can be made with the reopening. Reservations can always be made up to a maximum of one week in advance up to a minimum of 30 minutes before the course starts. Without a reservation you can only take part in a course if it still has free capacity. Without a reservation, you can only take part in a course if it still has free capacity. Please make sure, however, that you cancel your reservation in good time. If you are unable to attend the course, the place will become available again for others. The course trainers will check a list of participants before the course starts. If your plans change and you still cannot or do not want to take part in the course, please be fair and considerate and cancel your registration as soon as possible - also easily via our App.

    For your safety and in consultation with the authorities, we have reduced our course portfolio at the beginning. We will not be able to offer high-intensity courses or courses involving physical contact at first. In the interest of all of us, we are of course working to ensure that the full range of courses is available again as quickly as possible and with the usual variety.

    The number of participants in the courses has been limited, so that each member has at least 10 square meters of space available. This corresponds to more than 2.5 meters distance to each person to the sides, to the front and to the back. For this purpose we will attach stickers on the floors of the course lofts - please refer to them for your choice of location. Please note that in the course loft you will be 3.0 metres (Berlin) / 2.5 metres (Hamburg) / 1.5 metres (Frankfurt and Kiel) away from other course participants at all times during training. 

    In order to allow sufficient time for the necessary disinfection of the equipment before the start of the course and to avoid crowds, please arrive in time for the registered courses. Please take into account that disinfection of the equipment is also necessary after the end of the course.

    Please remember to take towels with you - one to put underneath when using a mat and another one to dab off sweat if necessary. If it is more comfortable for you, you are welcome to bring your own mat to the course.

    For the Face & Body Day Spa

    In the Meridian Face & Body Day Spa you can enjoy a massage or Ayurveda treatment without any worries. Therapist and guest wear a mouth-and-nose protection at all times - even during the treatment. From 08th June 2020 we will also offer you again our effective cosmetic treatments. Our cosmeticians will use FFP2 masks and a privacy screen, so that you can experience the treatments without additional protective measures. Bookings are possible here from the beginning of June. The couch and all contact points are thoroughly disinfected after each treatment. Please note that you will only perceive the treatment if you are completely healthy. For this reason we have temporarily changed our cancellation conditions. You can cancel an appointment free of charge at any time. However, in case of "No Show" we have to charge you the price of the treatment. Please cancel the appointment as early as possible in case of illness or prevention.

    At first we will not offer facial treatments because of the too direct contact.

    For the Meridini

    The Meridini will remain closed for our youngest visitors for the time being.

    For the wellness area

    The wellness area including all saunas and pools and the roof terrace must remain closed at first. We are convinced that we can safely offer you wellness as well. At temperatures above 70 degrees in the sauna as well as in the pools (due to chlorination) the virus has no chance. We therefore hope for an early approval for opening by the authorities.

    For the pool restaurants

    The pool restaurants will remain closed for the time being. The vending machines and fitness bars are open for you.

  • 6. Your membership contract

    Unlike many other fitness providers, we did not collect a membership fee from you during the closing time, but suspended your contract. We think this is the fairest solution for you as long as you were not able to use the meridian. Due to this Corona-conditioned rest period, the end date of all contracts of members from Frankfurt and Kiel is thus changed by one month. For members from Hamburg by 2 months. 

    Regulation for Frankfurt and Kiel: 
    For the month of May we have also partially suspended your contract for a period of 14 days - we do not charge for this time. With the start on 15th of May in Frankfurt and 18th of May 2020 in Kiel, on the 26th of  May 2020 a one-off reduced contribution of 30% of the membership fee was debited for the second half of May.

    Regulation for Hamburg:
    For the members of the Hamburg locations, the contracts for April and May are suspended. The 4 days in May after reopening on the 28th of May 2020 are free of charge for all members. 

    Regulation for Berlin: 
    For the members of the Meridian in Berlin Spandau the contracts are suspended in April and May. 

    Regulation from June: 
    For some members, the wellness area is part of a visit to the Meridian, so as a compensation in June, we will give you a credit of 30 Euros on your credit account*. Please fill out this form and we will automatically transfer the amount to your credit account. From June on we will collect your regular membership fee for the membership contracts in Frankfurt, Kiel, Hamburg in the usual way.

    *This credit can be used for all Meridian services with the exception of the membership fee or contributions for contract lump sums. The credit is valid until 30.06.2021 and is not redeemable as money.

  • 7. Validity of vouchers

    We will of course extend the redemption period for vouchers, subscriptions and the ComfortCard. For vouchers that expire or have expired during the period of our closure (from the 16th of March 2020), the end date will be extended by 3 months in each case. This is done automatically and you do not need to do anything else in this regard.

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