Here you will find the answers to your most pressing questions regarding the closure of our facilities and your membership:

When will Meridian reopen?

Kiel & Frankfurt:

Due to the recent relaxation by the respective state governments, fitness training is possible again at Meridian Skyline Plaza and at Meridian Sophienhof. However, high restrictions and a very strict limitation of capacities apply. Since our fitness offer is not possible under these conditions in the usual & known extent and we can make this accessible only for very few members, we have decided not to change anything for the time being in the existing rest time regulation. So we continue to not collect contributions for the Meridian Skyline Plaza and the Meridian Sophienhof.

At Meridian Sophienhof we are offering classes again (with a focus on SPINNING® and yoga). For safety reasons, these must initially all take place open air on the roof terrace.

Face & Body Day Spa treatments will also be offered again at the Meridian Skyline Plaza and the Meridian Sophienhof, you can book yours here.

In the Meridian Sophienhof the solariums are usable again. For technical reasons, however, it is currently not possible to activate the solarium package. 


At Meridian Spandau Arcaden the fitness area remains closed. But the Face & Body Day Spa is open. We offer massages and facials again, you can book yours here.


Our facilities in Hamburg are closed until further notice. According to the current regulations of the Hamburg Senate, body-related services are also no longer permitted. The Face & Body Day Spa at Meridian Alstertal and Meridian Eppendorf is therefore closed again until further notice.

We will keep you informed about further restrictions and measures on this page, via e-mail, on Instagram and on Facebook.


How do I book a training slot?

You can book times for your individual training at the Meridian Skyline Plaza and also at the Meridian Sophienhof (the latter without the usual trainer support and only for a specific area) for a fee here and via the Meridian app. The booking is done cashless via the course schedule and is possible from five days in advance.

Whereas up to now each booked training slot was charged individually (10 Euro per use), we have simplified the pricing model for April: all members who want to take advantage of the offer pay a uniform monthly flat rate in April (40 euros in Frankfurt and 30 euros per person in Kiel) and can book as many training slots as they like (personal training excluded). The flat rate will be invoiced directly at the reception desk during the first visit in April. (This flat rate is not a membership fee and membership remains paused).

Please only book in for a training time if you are sure that you can actually make it. A cancellation is possible, but a refund of the paid fee is unfortunately not possible. If you experience symptoms typical for corona, you are not allowed to enter our club. Of course, in this case you can give the booked training slot to another person of your choice; in this case, please do not cancel the appointment.

Please note that your booking is only valid for the area you have chosen and for a maximum of the specified duration. Please come to the facility already dressed in sportswear and arrive at the reception no more than 5 minutes before your appointment. Showers and locker rooms may not be used at this time by official order. The beverage and towel package is not offered at this time. Also, please pay attention to the instructions regarding sanitary measures in the facility. Please wear medical grade mouth/nose protection or FFP2 masks everywhere in the facility except during training. We recommend that you use 2 towels, one to place underneath on the equipment/mat and one to wipe sweat. We are super excited to see you, but unfortunately, with all the anticipation, we are obligated to inform you that violations of these rules will result in expulsion from the facility.


How can I keep fit at home?

With our [email protected]-specials we want to give you the opportunity to get the good "Meridian feeling" in your own four walls. Soon you can look forward to new workouts and tips about sports, nutrition and health at home.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Here we regularly post all new training videos and give valuable tips on how to keep fit and healthy in the next few weeks. Don't miss our live fitness specials either.

Or join our Facebook group "Meridian Run Club"! Share your successes, find like-minded people and cheer each other on. Cyclists and walkers are also welcome!

I have a Meridian gift certificate. Can it still be redeemed?

We will of course extend the redemption period for vouchers, subscriptions and the ComfortCard by the time our facilities are closed due to official orders. This is done automatically and you do not need to do anything else in this regard.


What happens to my monthly fees?

We will continue with the previous arrangement in April 2021 and will not collect a membership fee from you. Your membership will be paused during the lockdown. As soon as our clubs reopen, your membership will automatically be reactivated. Please note that the current end date of your contract may change due to the pause.

Note for holders of the Meridian flexible card:

It is not necessary to cancel your membership as a precaution. Even with this tariff, your membership will be suspended for November and December 2020 as well as January, February, March and April 2021, so you do not pay any membership fee now, but remain contractually flexible at all times.


Do I have a special right of termination?

As the closure of the facilities ordered by the authorities is a temporary measure, there is no such right.


Why am I not on the distribution list for the info emails?

We send our info e-mails to all e-mail addresses registered in our system. If you do not receive e-mails from us, we either have no e-mail address at all or an invalid e-mail address from you. Here you can easily enter your current e-mail address so that you can be considered for future e-mailings in the distribution list. 


We would like to inform you by e-mail about further developments regarding the restrictions imposed by the Corona crisis. To do so, we need a valid e-mail address from you.

If we do not have your e-mail address yet, please enter it in our form. 

(Last updated: 06.04.2021, 11.58 am)