Current Status

The state governments in Hessen and Schleswig-Holstein as well as the Berlin and Hamburg Senates are taking significant measures to stop the coronavirus and are ordering that, among other things, fitness studios and spas remain closed. Naturally at Meridian we will follow the orders of the authorities.

As such all eight Meridian facilities are closed until further notice.

We appreciate that this situation poses a number of questions for our members. We have provided some important information about your membership and your monthly fees.

Given the fast moving pace of the situation we will continue to inform members by e-mail of updates and further developments. If you wish to receive our e-mails we need a valid e-mail address from you.

If we do not yet have your e-mail address, please enter it in our form. Please note: The e-mails are written in German.

(Last updated: 06.04.2020, 11.09 am)


With Meridian@home you can bring the good "meridian feeling" to your home and train with us in your own four walls!

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or look directly at Meridian@home. Here we offer you many tips about sports, nutrition, health for your home and will regularly post new videos.

Open letter to our members

Dear members,
COVID-19 / Coronavirus has become a global health risk. We hope and wish that you, your families and our employees will maintain the best of health throughout this period. Naturally I hope that we are all doing everything in our power to follow all the guidance regarding hygiene and distancing. 


We will continue – but at home

We love creating group dynamics, doing sports together and motivating each other during training. Unfortunately, all this will have to wait for now, but nevertheless we won‘t leave you alone - with Meridian@home you can bring that good „meridian feeling“ to your home and train with us in your own four walls! Follow us on InstagramFacebook or take a look at our website Here we offer you many tips about sports, nutrition, health at home and will regularly post new videos. So there‘s no need to stow your sports shoes in the cupboard!

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Here you will find the answers to your most urgent questions about the closure of our facilities:

When will Meridian be open again?

Please understand that we cannot make any binding statements at this time regarding the reopening of the facilities. Due to the order of the Hamburg Senate we have to assume that the Hamburg clubs will remain closed until 30.04.2020. The state government in Schleswig-Holstein has decreed a closure by 19.04.2020. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to predict whether these dates will be adhered to. For Berlin and Hessen there is currently no official statement on the duration of the closures. We are in continual communication with the authorities and are following their instructions. As soon as new information is available, we will publish it here.

Of course, we will reopen the facilities immediately if the authorities grant permission.


How can I keep fit at home?

We have set up a Meridian@home offer for you. Get Meridian in your own four walls and train with our trainers on online workouts with different focuses.

Follow us also on Instagram and Facebook. This is where we post all new training videos and give you valuable tips on how to keep fit and healthy in the coming weeks. Don't miss our live fitness specials either.


Why am I not on the distribution list for the info e-mails sent?

We send our info e-mails to all registered e-mail addresses of our members. If you do not receive any e-mails from us, we either have no e-mail address at all or an invalid e-mail address from you. You can easily enter your current e-mail address here ​​so that you can be considered for future e-mailings in the distribution list.

Please note: The e-mails are written in German.

What happens to my monthly fees?

We will not collect any membership fees from you at the beginning of April. Your membership will be paused as long as the official order to close exists and until we can reopen. The current end date of your contract may be extended by the time of the pause.

For March 2020 you will receive a voucher for a two-week use of the fitness & wellness area. You can either redeem this voucher yourself directly after your regular contract period or give it to a friend or family member. The voucher is automatically stored in our system in your (virtual) user account. If you would like to give the voucher as a gift, we will be happy to print it out for you at the reception as soon as our facilities are open again. Otherwise, we will keep it safe for you in your user account. The voucher is valid until 31.12.2024.

Note for holders of the Meridian flexible card:

It is not necessary to cancel your membership. Your membership will be suspended from April until the facilities are reopened. This means you pay no fees now, but you remain contractually flexible going forward.

Do I have a special right of termination?

As the closure of the facilities ordered by the authorities is a temporary measure, there is no such right.