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Equipment training

Get into top form

Our range of gym equipment leaves nothing to be desired and our team of expert trainers accompany you throughout your fitness journey. On your first visit they'll create a training plan that suits you exactly and explain how everything works. Then, as part of your membership you can book a free trainer appointment every 2-3 months.

Take a look at just some of our equipment:

Power Plate® Training

On the Power Plate® vibration plates stimulate the most important muscle groups with up to 2,400 muscle contractions per minute to complete your training in the shortest possible time.

Stretching & mobility

As a training variation, targeted stretching is used to stretch and relax. Joints are mobilised, muscles loosened and flexibility promoted.

Cable training

Training on special cable machines in almost all directions of movement is well suited for both experienced athletes and for specific health training.

fle-xx-circle for more mobility

Targeted muscle length training for the back and joints ensures more flexibility, strength and mobility and is a great way to lead a vital and pain-free life.

SKILLMILL treadmills

Experience effective training with SKILLMILL treadmills and improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. The devices are particularly suitable for effective rehab or HI(I)T training.

Free weight area

The varied training offered by dumbbells and barbells, as well as on multifunctional devices provides a great freedom of movement and is recommended for experienced athletes.
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Professional trainer support

If you are a beginner and still need a lot of support, you will receive 3 appointments (one hour each) with a licensed trainer in the first four weeks. If you no longer need much support, then one appointment with a trainer is sufficient to start and ensure the quality of your training. For members a follow-up appointment every 6-8 weeks is free of charge. Our competent trainers will accompany you on the way to your personal goal and will always be at your side with advice, support and motivation.

Would you like to train even more intensively with a professional trainer at your side? Make an appointment with our personal trainers at any time.

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Lifting weights in an exercise class

Fitness and relaxation Classes

Let the beats push you to your top performance with BODYPUMP® or Jumping Fitness, bring the fitness loft to a boil with ZUMBA® or find a new balance with yoga and Pilates. Discover these and many more classes today.

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Hot Stone massage

Our Signature Classes

Discover our exclusive course formats IGN1TE, BLAZE, SPIRIT, CYCLONE & RHYTHM!

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