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How to eat fit

Healthy nutrition is not complicated, not time-consuming and can be delicious. But the numerous trends and concepts on the subject of nutrition can be a bit confusing. A healthy diet is simply about the right nutrient-rich foods, their quantities and combinations, when you eat and the number of meals.

Our Meridian nutrition coaches can help teach you some simple rules to improve your diet and live a healthier life. To do this, we first get to know you and your habits and work together to develop a plan for a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition check

Meridian Nutrition Checks are not based on a new trend or follow a specific nutritional concept. You don't have to submit to any program. Our Meridian nutrition coaches promote natural nutrition, a balanced acid-base and the right combination of exercise and nutrition. And of course we put your goals, habits and specific life situation at the centre of our advice.
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P. Jentschura

Metabolic reset in just 2 weeks

Would you like to boost your metabolism, eat healthier and get your figure in shape? Then we recommend our two-week metabolism cure with the basic products from P. Jentschura®. Help your body to deacidify - you will be amazed at the effects that can occur after such a short time.

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Healthy nutrition and alkaline body care

Acidification is often seen as a major factor in the development of lifestyle diseases. Support your body with alkaline body care products and natural organic foods from our partner P. Jentschura.

The healthcare products from P. Jentschura not only support a well-balanced acid-base in the long term, they also impress in terms of taste. Healthy, alkaline enjoyment is an essential cornerstone in the development of P. Jentschura products. The natural products accompany you reliably through everyday life and naturally supply your body with all the important nutrients. logo

Simply feel better with vitamins

Dietary supplements close the gap between what you eat and drink every day (nutritional status) and what your body actually needs (nutritional requirements) - for more vitality, strength and training success. Whether supplementing individual vital substances, or a comprehensively coordinated power vital cure with an integrated nutrition and training plan, offers you an optimal supply tailored to your needs.

By using the "MERIDIAN" discount code, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Free shipping
  • 10 € discount on the first order
  • 5% discount on every additional order

What does a nutrition check include?

The Meridian Nutrition Check is tailored to your needs and habits. In order to get to know them quickly and comprehensively, we have developed a questionnaire that you fill out and bring with you to the session. In the 45-minute consultation you will set specific goals with your coach, discuss the possible difficulties, define rules and learn a lot about nutrient-rich foods and their ideal preparation. This will take you step by step towards a healthy and conscious diet. Whether you want to fundamentally change your diet or just want to optimize it, our nutrition coaches will pick you up where you are and work with you to develop your own personal path to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

  • Analysis of nutritional behaviour
  • Sustainable change based on a natural diet
  • Optimization of the acid-base balance
  • Weight optimisation
  • Sport accompanying nutrition
  • Flexible nutrition tips for demanding everyday life
  • Increasing vitality through nutrition
Where and when do nutrition checks take place?
We offer nutrition checks in all eight Meridian clubs. You can reserve an appointment by phone on 040/65 89-0 or in our Meridian clubs at reception.
What does the nutrition check cost?
The Meridian Nutrition Check is available at an introductory price of 39 Euros. The first consultation is 45 minutes and if you would like further support, advice and motivation we also offer you 30-minute follow-up appointments.

Book a nutrition check

Make an individual appointment with your nutrition coach at reception in all of our clubs, or by phone on 040/65 89-0.

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