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How to eat yourself fit

We don't believe in the modern trends of miracle diets and promises, but in values ​​such as “simply delicious” - paired with scientific facts and discipline. Healthy eating is neither complicated nor time-consuming, it's simply about the right amount and combination of nutrient-rich foods, at the right times.

Our Meridian nutrition coaches will also show you how you can integrate a healthier lifestyle into your everyday life. To do this, we ask you about your habits and together we will create a nutrition plan that is tailored to your personal needs.

Make an appointment today for your personal nutrition check.

Where and when do nutrition checks take place?

You can book an appointment for a nutrition check in all eight Meridian Spa & Fitness facilities. Reserve your personal consultation appointment today by visiting our reception or by calling 040/65 89-0.

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What does the nutrition check cost?

We offer you our Meridian Nutrition Check at an introductory price of 39 Euros and the first appointment lasts 45 minutes. Are ongoing consultation appointments for comprehensive support and personal motivation important to you? Then take advantage of our offer of 30-minute follow-up appointments.

What does a nutrition check include?

Our Meridian Nutrition Check focuses entirely on your physical condition and personal life situation.

During the 45 minute session you will define your individual goal together with your nutrition coach. You will learn important facts about food rich in vitamins and nutrients and how to prepare them. In this way you will learn to successfully apply the basics of a balanced and healthy diet.

Whether it's a holistic change or simply improving your current habits, in cooperation with our nutrition professionals you will develop a plan that will soon allow you to enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and experience a positive body feeling.

  • Analytical evaluation of your previous diet
  • Natural foods as the basis for a sustainable change in diet
  • Improving your acid-base balance
  • Optimizing your weight
  • Sport-specific diet
  • From the storefront to the kitchen table - falsehoods and pitfalls
  • Practical tips on healthy eating in stressful everyday situations
  • Increase in your own vitality through nutrition

Book a nutrition check

Start now and book a personal consultation with your nutrition coach by phone on 040/65 89-0 or at reception at Meridian Sophienhof.

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