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Ayurveda massage

Hamburg WandsbekAyurveda Massage

Ayurveda is considered to be one of the first and most comprehensive wellness philosophies. In the Face & Body Day Spa in Wandsbek we offer Ayurvedic massages to increase well-being.

The popular Ayurveda full body massage is called Abhyanga. Translated from Sanskrit, it means 'The great oiling'. The name is no coincidence, because the oils used in classic Ayurveda massages are very important. Various massage techniques free the tissue from waste products and stimulate the flow of energy and ensure inner balance.

Our Ayurveda massages in the Face & Body Day Spa in Meridian Wandsbek

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic full body massage (approx. 50/80 minutes)
During this full body massage you will be massaged with plenty of warm oil. Strong pressure will help remove waste and toxins from your tissue, while more gentle pressure brings your nervous system into harmony. Abhyanga also has a positive effect on the immune system and allows the energy to flow better in the body.
Abhyanga with Shirodara - Ayurvedic full body massage with oil on the forehead (approx. 75 minutes)
The Shirodara often takes place after the Abhyanga. This forehead oil pouring is probably the most popular and soothing treatment in Ayurveda. A gentle, continuous stream of pleasantly warm oil flows over your forehead and calms the nervous system. At the end there is a head massage to help you achieve a deep inner balance.
Ayurvedic back massage (approx. 40 minutes)
This regenerating massage has been used in India for centuries. The effective deep tissue massage in combination with a special herbal oil carefully loosens tension in the back and in the shoulder/neck area. After the treatment you will feel pleasantly relaxed.
Mukabhyanga - Ayurvedic face and head massage (approx. 40 minutes)
This gentle face, head and neck massage cares for the skin and calms the nervous system. The traces of everyday stress fall away from you both externally and internally.
Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic foot massage (approx. 40 minutes)
Pampered from your feet to your knees with warm oil. Similar to acupressure, your organs are stimulated to function properly via certain points, thus improving your inner flow of energy and activating your self-healing powers.
A man enjoying a massage

Vitalising massages

Whether to relieve tension, to regenerate or just to relax, in the Face & Body Day Spa in Meridian Wandsbek you're in the best hands. Our experienced therapists know exactly what your body needs right now.

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A woman enjoying a facial

Effective cosmetics for timelessly beautiful skin

Here at the Face & Body Day Spa in Wandsbek, we know the secrets of timeless beauty and youthful skin. Experience our effective beauty treatments with products from Sothys Paris and Pharmos Natur.

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A woman having an Ayurvedic massage

The benefits of an Ayurveda treatment

  • Purification of the body
  • Activation of the energy flow
  • Reduction of stress
  • Stimulation of the forces for self-healing
  • Provides inner balance
  • Mitigation of disharmonies

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