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Hot stones for a massage

Hamburg Am MichelMassage

Why should you book a massage?

A massage works wonders for relaxation: painful muscles are loosened, energy can flow freely again and blood circulation is stimulated. Find your way back to inner harmony and leave the stress of everyday life behind you. Whether you want to relieve back pain, help your body to regenerate, or you just want to be pampered, you will definitely find your favourites in the Meridian Am Michel face & Body Day Spa. Book your treatment online, by phone or directly on site. Pamper your loved ones with a visit to the day spa - our massage vouchers are always a welcome gift.
A woman enjoying a massage

Our massages

Face and head massage (approx. 25 minutes)
With this massage, the stress of everyday life falls away from you. Tensions are released and you'll feel deeply relaxed.
Partial body massage (approx. 25 minutes)
This classic massage focuses on the back and legs. With targeted movements, the blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles are loosened.
Full body massage (approx. 40/55 minutes)
The motto here is always to remain relaxed: strong pressure relaxes your muscles. Please discuss your individual preferences with the therapist before the massage begins.
Sports massage (approx. 25 minutes)
With this intensive deep massage, regeneration is actively and sustainably supported.
"Box Champion" massage (approx. 25 minutes)
This partial body massage with revitalising mint oil is our secret recipe against tired arms, cramped shoulders and back problems. In addition, the blood circulation is stimulated. Then you are ready for the next round!
"Better Drive" massage (approx. 25 minutes)
This is how you get a whole new swing. With this partial body massage using soothing St. John's wort oil, stressed joints are soothed and muscular tension in the back, shoulders and arms is loosened.
Reflexology massage (approx. 40 minutes)
Our feet carry us through life every day - time to give something back to them. With a foot reflexology massage, which works in a similar way to Chinese acupressure, the pressure on certain reflex zones reactivates the organ functions. Your body will find its way back into its equilibrium.
"Office" massage (approx. 25 minutes)
Feel relaxed and light despite daily desk work. With targeted grips and invigorating mint oil, typical complaints such as tension in the shoulder and neck area and the so-called "mouse arm" are massaged away and blood circulation is promoted.
Relaxing massage with coconut oil (approx. 40/55/80 minutes)
This massage with wonderfully fragrant coconut oil takes you to the Caribbean. It ensures a positive body feeling and wonderfully soft skin. Your muscles are relaxed noticeably. Feel free to coordinate your individual priorities with the therapist before the start of treatment.
Massage for expectant mothers (approx. 25/40/55 minutes)
A gentle massage during pregnancy is equally beneficial for expectant mothers and their unborn babies. The connective tissue is detoxified and pregnancy-related pain in the back, joints and legs is reduced. * Please let your gynaecologist advise you in advance to what extent a pregnancy massage is right for you - unfortunately, treatment before the 14th week of pregnancy is generally not possible.
Hot Stone Massage
Warming volcanic stones that glide over the body with lots of aromatic, scented oil and gentle pressure to relieve tension. The pleasant effect of hot stone massage has been highly valued for many millennia. The combination of deep massage and intense warmth has a calming effect on the heart and circulation and leads to holistic wellbeing. Refill your energy reserves.
Lomi Lomi massage (approx. 80 minutes)
A pleasure not only for Hawaiian kings: the Lomi Lomi application is in great demand. No wonder, because the gentle massage pampers body and soul and relieves deep tension in a targeted manner. Enjoy the gentle pressure of your hands and forearms that move fluidly over your body and massage it with the soothing oil from pure orange blossom extract. Look forward to a positive body feeling on a holistic level.
Recovery Massage (approx. 55/80 minutes)
Sometimes we are overwhelmed and slowed down by mental fatigue and physical exhaustion. The Meridian Recovery Massage effectively combines various massage methods such as classic massage, acupressure and foot reflexology into a unique ensemble. Feel how your energy reserves are replenished and your body finds its way back to inner balance. A head massage with natural coconut oil makes your break from everyday life perfect.
Amayãna massage (approx. 50/80 minutes)
"Amayãna" means "awareness of physical and mental being" in Sanskrit. The result of the Amayãna massage is beneficial, deep relaxation while at the same time activating the body's own self-healing powers. Based on years of experience and the excellent know-how of our experts, this full-body massage was developed exclusively for Meridian. Enjoy the exotic, sweet scent of Amayãna oil and find your way back to deep satisfaction.
Spinal column massage by Breuss (approx. 40 minutes)
The therapy according to Breuss is a spinal column massage in which natural St. John's wort oil is used to gently massage and gently stretch the spine. The proven active ingredients of St. John's wort oil relax and regenerate the intervertebral disc. Due to the intensive depth effect in the application, spinal and sacral problems are alleviated.

Spend the day with us

Take time out with a visit to our luxurious Day Spa. Let tension float away in our indoor and outdoor pools, breathe deeply in our saunas and steam rooms or relax in our calming gardens. Make your day extra special by booking a Face & Body treatment; choose from a selection of classic and Auyurvedic massages or soothing facials.

Visits to our Day Spa can be booked by members and non-members. You can view our treatment menu here or call us on 040 6589 - 0.

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The benefits of a massage

  • More balance
  • Regeneration of the muscles
  • Release of blockages in the flow of energy
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Helps you cope with stress
  • Help with painful tension and blockages

Ayurveda Massage

The Indian "Science of Life" contains traditional treatments that help the body help itself. Various massage techniques activate the flow of energy and lead to inner balance. Ideal for stressed souls.

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